AKCIJA na festivalu ART GENERATOR u Makedoniji

AKCIJA na festivalu ART GENERATOR u Makedoniji

01.12.2007 - 13:55

“ART GENERATOR”  is a place for dialogue among communities across the region, enabling people to see social issues and their impact through art. This platform will serve as a medium for sharing stories across physical and ideological borders. During 4 days with variety of daily events and wide range of venues, the Platform will incorporate film, performance, music, open public installations, workshops and lectures addressing the issue of regional mobility.

This year’s theme is: “Manifesto on Wheel: Art-Mobility Chiasma*”. This thought is the reference point for each activity. The theme in-circulates desire and passion of artists and youth for traveling and cultural dialog, that becomes an agenda in the Balkan region because of the political, economical and social isolation of the countries. The artist perception and notion of the concept of mobility will be the element for building the “Manifesto on Wheel”, anticipating the crossovers where everybody meet and share.

“Manifesto on Wheel” invites the artists and the visitors to become fellow investigators tracing connections between hidden realities, unfamiliar stories and images, partial information, and incomplete maps of territories marked by loss, violence, mourning, social struggle and resistance. Searchers may find evidence of (in) visible networks of solidarity, refuge, and resistance created by different groups of people whose lives, cities and countries have been profoundly changed by forces of recent changes in the region and the globalization.
Partner organizations of the Urban Arts Platform ART GENERATOR 2007 are:

Performing Arts Center Multimedia, Macedonia www.multimedia.org.mk
City of women, Slovenia www.cityofwomen.org
xFilmFestival, Bulgaria www.xfilmfestival.net
Ultrafuturo, Bulgaria www.ultrafuturo.cult.bg
Akcija- Agency for Cultural Development, www.akcija.org.ba
CCPA Elementi, Macedonia 
Nomad, Turkey www.nomad-tv.net
Theatre Media Projects Group, Poland www.sgptm.pl
Studio Pangolin, Croatia www.pangolin.hr
EgoBoo.bits, Croatia www.egoboobits.net
Culture and Community, Albania
The Clear Brooks Family, Serbia
Dmedia, Romania, www.dmedia.ro
The initial collaboration was realized through the Urban Arts Festival ART GENERATOR, from 26-29.04.2007, Stip, Macedonia
Please find more info about the last edition of ART GENERATOR on the following web page:http://www.multimedia.org.mk/ArtGen2006/Platform.html

*Chiasma - an intersection or crossing of two tracts in the form of the letter X