About Us

About Us

AKCIJA Sarajevo is an independent cultural NGO founded in 1998. In the first five years of its existence, organization’s mission was focused on the development and promotion of independent and alternative youth culture, with organization of the concerts and international music festival FUTURA as its main activity. Later, the mission of the organization has been updated and it started to focus on non-production activities in the field of culture, meaning that we don’t primarily produce cultural content (music, festival, theatre, dance, etc.) but we start to function as so called “support intersectoral cultural organization”. Our aims changed towards improvement of the systemic conditions and context for the cultural production in Bosnia and Herzegovina trough research, education and advocacy. AKCIJA has started first series of debates, lectures, workshops and training sessions for the cultural operators in BiH in the field of cultural policy and cultural management with the aim to raise the capacities of the sector.

One of our most current projects is supported by USAID with the aim to increase the capacities of the organisation to become a leading civil society organisation in the field of culture in Bosnia and Herzegovina. AKCIJA is selected as partner in the field of culture among 12 other sectors. The project which starts from 1st October 2014 has aim to create the network of cultural operators in the country, to research and advocate the changes of the cultural policies, and to disseminate the information about the cultural field in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Some of our past projects are:

I.             (2012-2014) “The Evaluation of Cultural Policies and EU-Funded Programmes as Promoters of Cultural Diversity (CD) and Intercultural Dialogue (ICD)” in partnership with PAC Multimedia Skopje and Kulturdokumentation Vienna (three regional seminars on analysis and evaluation of the impact of cultural policies & programs; regional SEE web portal and database; national evaluation report on the impact of cultural policies & programs on diversity and dialogue in the region; promotion of project results)- Supported by EC Programme Culture 2007-2013

II.            (2010-2011) Research and training project within the UNDP programme “Improving cultural understanding in BiH” in partnership with PAC Multimedia Skopje (produced 2 policy research documents and organized 2 trainings for cultural operators from public cultural institutions in BiH)

III.           (2009) “Exit Europe” (event about position of the independent cultural sector in the region of SEE and its relevance for European cultural policies- in collaboration with Clubture Zagreb) supported by ECF

IV.          (2008) Arts2Business (a fundraising training for cultural operators from BiH) supported by OPA (Office of the public affairs of the Embassy of USA in BiH);

V.            (2007) “New policies of culture” (series of lectures about cultural policy) supported by Mediacentar Sarajevo, Pro Helvetia and ECF;

VI.          (2007) Project “KulturtregerXXL” (focus groups meetings with  cultural workers from 4 cities in BiH, production of first  research report on needs of cultural sector, series of 3 public debates  related to the issues of cultural policy development) supported  by Pro Helvetia and European Cultural Foundation;


AKCIJA is an open space where we gather, create and disseminate information and knowledge on the state of cultural sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

AKCIJA promotes culture as a public good, focusing on its potential for social cohesion, emancipation and education, as well as on the importance of its role for the development of the society in general.